ANYZIP Help Menu: About AnyZip

This option provides you information about your installation of AnyZip.

When you select this option, the About AnyZip window is displayed. A brief description of the fields and options here follows:


Click on this button to bring up the online version of Frequently Asked Questions. These are questions related to commonly used AnyZip features. The FAQ section in this document contains a copy of FAQ.

Buy Now

If you are using an unregistered version of AnyZip only some of the features of the application will be available to you. In order to receive access to all of the functions of AnyZip and to become eligible for web-based support, please click on this button to buy an AnyZip license.

When you buy an AnyZip license, the name and license details of the license owner are displayed in the section which currently shows the text UNREGISTERED COPY.