ANYZIP Tools Menu: Make EXE

The Make Exe option can be used to convert the existing archive into a self-extracting file. The self-extracting archives have the EXE extension. These are executable files, which can be run in the same way as programs. When the self-extracting archive is run, it automatically extracts the files from the archive even without the need to install a compression software like AnyZip on the computer of the recipient of the file. This offers the added convenience of ensuring that the files are extracted to the folder they are intended for. In order to create a self-extracting EXE, you first need to ensure that you have an archive file open. This option will not be enabled if you do not have an archive file open.

Figure: Create SFX Window

The dialog box allows you to select the archive which has to be converted to a self-extract file. You can use the icon to choose the file. You can specify the default folder to which the archive will be extracted to. If this is left blank, then the archive is extracted to Temp folder.

You can extract the files to the default archive directly by checking the Overwrite without prompt by default.

Once the files are extracted, AnyZip asks you if you would like to Test the self-extract.

Figure: SFX Test Message

The dialog box below asks you to specify which folder you would like the files to be decompressed to. You can click on Browse to browse through your computer.

Figure: Extract Folder Selection window

Once you have selected the folder, you can click on Extract to start the process. On successful test extraction of the files, AnyZip displays a message confirming the outcome of the test.

Run AnyZip starts the AnyZip program on your PC.

About gives the specifications of the AnyZip Self-extracting Archive.

Figure: About SFX Window

Once you have finished the process of creating a self-extract, you can click on Close to exit.