ANYZIP Tools Menu: Open AnyZip .INI

By default, all the information related to your AnyZip installation is stored in the Windows Registry. However, advanced users familiar with INI files can choose to have these details stored in a file titled AnyZip.INI, which can be found in the same directory where AnyZip is installed.

This option allows you to view and modify the contents of AnyZip.INI. Please note that in order for this option to be active, you need to check the option titled Store Program settings in anyzip.ini instead of registry in the General OptionsTab of the Tools Menu.

When you click this the Open AnyZip.INI option, the AnyZip.INI is launched in the default text viewer and you can modify the values in it, thereby configuring the behavior of AnyZip on your computer.

It is recommended, however, that unless you are familiar with operations on INI files, the contents of the file be retained as they are in order to ensure proper performance of the application. As most of the options within the INI file can be configured from the five tabs of the Tools Menu, it is preferable that these be modified from there.