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From the time of purchase, each registered user will be entitled to unlimited free technical support via email. Unregistered users will receive support only if time permits. A registered user should get the feed back within 24 hours. Normally the response time is much shorter though. All registered users will be informed of all new updates and upgrades.

Product FAQ and Knowledge Base

Also we recommend that before submitting a question user should first consult the web page containing the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) of each product and Knowledge Base articles on our online helpdesk system. This may save time and frustration.



TurboFTP Server FAQ

AnyZip FAQ

TurboSoft Online Helpdesk and Forum

You can submit ticket at our support helpdesk

Our support forums is a great place to post problems, questions and suggestions as well as an excellent resource to enhance your user experience.

When submitting a technical question:

When you experience a problem and contact us, it would be helpful for us to identify the problem if you attach the relevant log messages in the email you are sending to us. To do so, right click in the Log Window of TurboFTP (i.e. the top window) and choose Copy All, and then paste the content (already in the clipboard) into the mail editor window of your email client program.

To send us the log generated by Sync Service module for diagnostic purpose you can bring up two types of schedule task reports in the Task Scheduler dialog. Use button "Scheduler Log" to view global schedule log showing the startup and termination of all tasks; use button "Task Log" to see full raw log of the individual schedule task currently selected in the Scheduler. Then copy and paste the relevant log entries into your email sent to us.

Sometimes you might think it also necessary to include a screen shot in your email.

Answers to most commonly asked questions of all aspects are found in our online FAQ. If you have questions about TurboFTP that you can't find on our web site you may contact us with one of the following ways.

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We reply to most e-mails within 24 hrs. Mon-Fri.

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