Turbo PGP command line software

Enables PGP encryption automation in data exchange workflow

TurboPGP is an Open PGP software tool that runs as a command-line program to achieve PGP encryption and decryption of files. It enhances the end-point security of your data at rest while adding an extra solid layer of protection for data in transit over the wire. With its simple yet comprehensive command line interface, TurboPGP allows you to safeguard information efficiently by PGP encryption automation in virtually any digital workflow process.

Turbo PGP Command-line Tool runs on Windows XP/7/8/10/11, Windows Server 2008-2022, Linux, and macOS.

TurboPGP Highlights

Automates End-Point Security Enforcement

Turbo PGP Command Line offers the flexibility of working seamlessly as part of your existing business workflow. It works like a pipe of data flow: the processed file comes in as the input, and the encrypted or decrypted data is produced on the output.

Full-fledged Key Management Capability

TurboPGP can import Open PGP keys created by third-party software or export keys. It allows you to specify the public key, cipher, compression, and signature hash algorithms to generate a key. You can also delete keys or change the passphrase of any secret key. Public-key algorithms of RSA, DSA, and ECDSA are supported.

Command Line Options

Easy-to-use command-line options follow the standard Unix command line style. It can create an audit log of operations and encrypt all files matching filters in a folder with one command.

Ensure Data Authenticity

The authenticity of data received can be verified by an attached or detached digital signature.

Light-weight with High Performance

Turbo PGP Software runs natively on Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS. File encryption and decryption with the Open PGP standard (RFC 4880) at the required level of security can be done with fewer system resources and less time.

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