ANYZIP Quick Tutorial

The AnyZip Quick Tutorial describes the commonly used archive related features of the application. It contains a brief description of each of these functions, while detailed information on these functions can be accessed by clicking each of the items below:

Create a New Archive

Extract Files from an Archive

Update Archive

Create a Self-Extracting EXE

Create Archive

You can create a new archive by selecting the New Archive option in the File pull down menu or by using the keyboard shortcut. Through this option, you can create an empty archive. You can also create an archive from an existing folder without having to open the AnyZip application, as described under Explorer Integration Options

For detailed information related on how to create a new archive, please click here

Extract Files from archive

You can use this option to extract files from an existing archive file into a folder of your choice. The extraction can either be initiated from within AnyZip or through the Explore Integration options offered by AnyZip.

For detailed information on how to extract files from an archive, please click here

Update Archive

Use this option to add files to an existing archive. This option can only be accessed from the AnyZip Main Window. This is a convenient option to use if you are likely to save the same information regularly - or if you are likely to progressively update the same archive file with additional information.

Detailed information on the Update Archive function can be found here

Creating a Self-Extracting EXE

This AnyZip option is very convenient if you will be sending the contents of your archive to other users - some of whom might not be familiar with extracting files from an archive while others might not have software like AnyZip to perform the extraction process.

You can use this option to create an Executable file (which has the EXE extension) - when the recipient of this file launches the EXE file, all the files and folders will be extracted to the correct folders without the user requiring to have AnyZip or similar software installed.

For a detailed description of the process related to creating a Self-Extracting EXE, please click here