PGP Command Line and its Role in Script-Driven Business

Generally, PGP is a renowned encryption technology based on public key cryptography. In this technology, a key pair is used of two complementary keys. Actually, these keys are used for maintaining secure communication.

One of these keys is a private key that can only be accessed by the user while the other is a public key that can be exchanged freely with PGP users. In addition, both of these keys are stored in the keyring files.

When it comes to a PGP command line, it is created for two broad kinds of applications. These applications involve the transfer of information between different batch servers and proper integration into different automated processes.

PGP command line can be used by a financial institution for securely transferring files between offices. Different files are encrypted to the key of the receiving server and FTP to a specific directory on the remote server. The receiving directory is periodically examined by the remote server and when newly transferred files are identified by the remote server, the files are decrypted by it before they are transferred to their final destination.

Moreover, the PGP command line can be used by Windows and UNIX developers to secure and protect financial transactions that are made by users on the web. For instance, if a person is selling products and services on the web, PGP can be included in scripts for automatically encrypting the credit card information and order of a customer for transfer or storage to a secure machine.

These are some basic steps to use PGP:

  • First of all, it is necessary to install PGP on the device. For complete instructions, you can consider the documentation that comes with PGP.
  • Then, you need to make a public and private key pair. Now, before you can actually use PGP, you must have a key pair. As it has been explained above, this pair will have a public and a private key. You can access the private key while the public key can be shared with anyone without any problems. After you have completed the installation procedure, you can make a key pair anytime you want.
  • After making a key pair, you can actually start corresponding with other users of PGP. It is, however, important to note that you will require a copy of their own public key and similarly, they will require a copy of your public key. Since the public key is only a block of text, it can be traded with someone easily. For instance, it is possible to include the public key in a message or you can even post it on a corporate or public key server where it can be used by anyone when they require it.
  • After that, you need to validate the public keys. Actually, once you have acquired the public key of a person, you can easily add it to your keyring. Then, you must ensure that the key has not been tampered with and it indeed belongs to the owner. the unique fingerprint can be used to verify it. Once you have confirmed that you have an authentic public key, you can just sign it to show that the key is safe and can be used easily.
  • Once you have created your key pair and you have shared public keys, you can start signing and encrypting different files and email messages.
  • When you receive encrypted data from someone, you can just decrypt the files and contents and validate appended signatures to ensure that the data is alright and it originated from the alleged sender.
  • In case you want to delete a file permanently, you can consider using the wipe command. It will ensure that the file cannot be recovered anymore and the file is overwritten immediately. It also means that the file cannot be accessed with the use of disk recovery software.

When it comes to script-driven businesses, they often experience difficulties and issues in sharing files and information while preserving their privacy. Even though there are different approaches that ensure the security of information and files, they are rather complex and time-consuming. Not to mention, they are highly costly and many script-driven businesses are unable to afford them.

However, it is not the case with a PGP command line. It is not only a more cost-effective option but it is also more convenient. It can be installed easily and a team can set it up quickly without experiencing any difficulties. Once the PGP command line is installed and running, it enables a script-based business to generate a keypair that it can use to share files and information without compromising its privacy or security. Therefore, it can be said that a PGP command line helps a script-based business in sharing information and files without compromising its privacy.

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