Running TurboFTP Sync Task in Windows Task Scheduler

TurboFTP Client comes with the Task Scheduler to set up FTP or SFTP scheduled tasks which are by default running in TurboFTP's Sync Service in NT service mode. However, sometimes you might want to have the sync tasks run in the command line triggered by an external application like Windows Task Scheduler, where you want to handle things with m...

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MFT Server IP Blocking Or Whitelisting Based On Originating Country

When companies provide a secure FTP or SFTP service on the cloud, a potential attack surface is exposed to a certain extent. Various hardware and software-based solutions are available to mitigate the threat of network intrusion and denial of service attacks. Regarding IP restriction, individual IP or IP range blocking is hardly enough. Businesses ...

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Active Managed File Transfer Through Remote SSH Execution

The Managed file transfer (MFT) solution helps organizations to exchange data securely while meeting compliance requirements. Another significant benefit of MFT is to automate data-driven business workflows or processes, which many businesses can rely on to date. The reason is simple: data is exchanged or collected for a purpose and usually tr...

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FTPS And SFTP - Which Is More Secure?

 Both FTP and SFTP are widely used file transfer protocols today. The FTP protocol was invented in the 1970s but is still an essential means of data distribution and transfer for many businesses and organizations. SFTP was spawned by the well-known secure shell (SSH) protocol as its native file transfer framework. We now offer a deeper look at...

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Free Secure FTP Server for Windows

An FTP server implements the File Transfer Protocol (RFC 959) to allow FTP clients to exchange files with central file storage. Since its adoption, FTP has become an essential standard for transferring large volumes of data over the network. However, the primitive form of FTP sends account passwords, commands, and raw data in plain text without any...

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Set up Turbo FTP Server on Google Cloud with Port Forwarding

In this blog, we will walk you through setting up an Internet-ready FTP service with TurboFTP Server in a Google Cloud VM. Create a new VM instance in the Google Cloud Console under Computer Engine > VM instances. In the Boot Disk section, specify Windows Server as the operating system and choose the Windows Server 2022 Datac...

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PGP Command Line and its Role in Script-Driven Business

Generally, PGP is a renowned encryption technology based on public key cryptography. In this technology, a key pair is used of two complementary keys. Actually, these keys are used for maintaining secure communication. One of these keys is a private key that can only be accessed by the user while the other is a public key that can be exch...

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