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An FTP server implements the File Transfer Protocol (RFC 959) to allow FTP clients to exchange files with central file storage. Since its adoption, FTP has become an essential standard for transferring large volumes of data over the network. However, the primitive form of FTP sends account passwords, commands, and raw data in plain text without any protection. To protect the data in transit, secure FTP or FTPS was invented, and an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) layer is employed to encrypt the payload contents, just like using SSL to secure plain web (HTTP) traffic. There are many FTP server products available today. As a commercial product, TurboFTP Server offers the sound option of the free FTP server for the Windows platform.

A free FTP server option: TurboFTP Server Lite

TurboFTP Server is a secure managed file transfer server that supports multiple protocols for file transfer, i.e., HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV, and last but not least, FTP. TurboFTP Sever's Lite version allows up to 50 concurrent secure FTP connections. Below we highlight some of the free features.

Features TurboFTP Server Lite offers for free


TurboFTP Server uses TLS to secure FTP connections via solid, strong encryption. You can review and specify the cipher suite to be used in SSL. The TurboFTP server is developed to meet compliance with HIPAA, DSS, SOZ, PCI, and other US standards in keeping and transiting data from one place to another.

The paid version supports the FIPS 140-2 mode of cryptography for meeting stringent business or governmental encryption standards.

The corporate version of TurboFTP Server allows you to set up an on-premise file storage cloud that runs parallel with other services like FTP and SFTP.

UTF-8 Support

TurboFTP Server supports UTF-8 encoding, which means it can handle non-ASCII filenames. Per RFC 2640, it advertises this by responding to a client's FEAT command (so the client knows it understands UTF8 filenames).

Granular Directory Permission Control

For any directory, you can configure directory access like read, write, delete, rename, etc. Permissions are by default inherited by subfolders but can be overridden too. You can assign ACL (access control list) to a user or a user group.

Domain/User Quotas

User Quotas include disk usage, transfer speed and network bandwidth usage per set period. TurboFTP Server allows you to keep track of the total bandwidth used in a given period.

Password Policy

You can enable and configure password policy to ensure the password complexity meets specific requirements in terms of length, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters.


To enhance transfer efficiency and increase effective transfer rates for different files, including databases, text, and documents, TurboFTP Server uses the MODE-Z technology. This lossless compression allows the upload and download of files to be completed with less bandwidth and time. 

Real-Time Monitoring of Server and Domain Status

The management console provides real-time statistics of connected users, download and upload bandwidths, etc. You can also see the performance charts of your domain.

IP Access

TurboFTP Server provides IP access control at the server, domain, and user levels. You can configure the allowlist and blocklist IPs in different formats of IP range like CIDR and wildcard mask.

Intuitive Management Console App

TurboFTP Server comes with an intuitive yet comprehensive admin interface. Without any question, a free admin guide (including its online version) is provided.

Access Control

TurboFTP Server allows you to exert granular connection access control at both the user and the domain levels via max number of connections per User/IP, the IP rules, etc.

Scalability and High Performance

TurboFTP Server is engineered on an event-driven model, and its capability scales with the number of CPU cores and memory. It can handle thousands of concurrent FTP transfer sessions on a low-tier Windows Server VPS equipped with 2-CPU and 4GB. VPS Scalability is something a thread-based product usually does not offer. As your transfer demands grow and expand, upgrading to a higher-level version is likely the only thing you need to care about.

How to use TurboFTP Server

You can set up a virtual domain for secure FTP service in just a few minutes. The software is compatible with versions including2008/R2, 2016, 2019, and 2022. The Lite version is free for commercial use.

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