Release Notes
[+] : Added feature
[-] : Bug fix

V 7.03 Build 1412 - May 7, 2024

[+] Auto convert mapped drive to UNC path in Task Settings.
[+] Added diffie-hellman-group14-sha256, diffie-hellman-group16-sha512, diffie-hellman-group18-sha512, curve25519-sha256, in kex algos.
[-] A task trying connection blocks execution of other due tasks.
[-] Memory leak caused by task accessing network share through impersonation.
[-] Dropped SvcLauncher and still use TurboFTP executable to carry out privileged actions.

V 7.00 Build 1366 - April 17, 2024

[+] Remove requirement of elevated privilege to use Task Scheduler.
[+] Added site search function in Address Book.
[+] Software EULA updated.
[-] SSH re-key failed if requested immediately after login.
[-] Unable to establish connection with some SFTP servers that don't initiate handshake without receiving a client message.
[-] SSH server entered in Address Bar has empty algo masks and can't be connected.
[-] When network share used as the local folder, an error shows up when transferring files: 'server returned error: no such file (#89)'.

V 6.99 Build 1338 - May 31, 2023

[+] Added -t command-line option (followed immediately by the task ID) for Sync Service to run a specified task as command line, e.g. called by Windows Task Scheduler.
[+] Improved efficiency of task run routine and reduce potential delay of starting tasks.
[+] Added backup and auto recovery mechanism to reduce likelihood of curruption of schedule configuration file, e.g. in case of a power outage.
[-] Second level repetition in Scheduled Task not working.

V 6.98 Build 1307 - Sept 10, 2022

[+] Corrected and updated the user manual.
[+] Buttons to open a dialog to view and edit remote commands in Scheduled Task Settings | Advanced.
[-] Pre-task local programs are not executed in session tasks.
[-] Removed excessive linefeeds in OpenSSH server output log of remote command execution.

V 6.97 Build 1300 - July 22, 2022

[+] Added pre-task and post-task remote SSH command execution options in Task Settings -> Advanced tab.
[+] OpenPGP module added support of signing/verifying file with attached signature (as opposed to detached signature).
[-] error loading PuTTY unencrypted private key.
[-] SSH extended data sometimes failed to be retrieved due to insufficient buffer size.

V 6.94 Build 1262 - June 17, 2022

[+] Added ECDSA/ECDH support (rfc 6637) in OpenPGP module.
[+] Added ECDSA key option in OpenPGP Key Creation Wizard.
- OpenPGP DSA/Elgamal key size shown incorrectly.
- An error in parsing embedded signature which overwrites the info that is supposed to be returned for the main signature.
- Supplied OpenPGP key ID is not looked up in secret keychain, causing "key ID not found" error in file encryption or decryption.
- A problem parsing string value in signature subpacket.

V 6.92 Build 1231 - May 30, 2022

[+] Added option 'Send all source files at task start' in Advanced Auto Upload settings.
[+] Added an 'Encrypted' column in OpenPGP Keychain Manager to indicate if the secret key is encrypted.
[+] Added 'Passphrase' button in OpenPGP Keychain Manager for changing secret key passphrase.
[-] Sync task selected PGP keyID disappears when re-opening task settings.
[-] Unrecognized GnuPG experimental signature subpacket type 33 causing loading of GnuPG generated key to fail.
[-] 'Include secret key(s)' checkbox gone in OpenPGP key export dialog.

V 6.92 Build 1231 - May 30, 2022

[+] Added option 'Send all source files at task start' in Advanced Auto Upload settings.
[+] Added an 'Encrypted' column in OpenPGP Keychain Manager to indicate if the secret key is encrypted.
[+] Added 'Passphrase' button in OpenPGP Keychain Manager for changing secret key passphrase.
[-] Sync task selected PGP keyID disappears when re-opening task settings.
[-] Unrecognized GnuPG experimental signature subpacket type 33 causing loading of GnuPG generated key to fail.
[-] 'Include secret key(s)' checkbox gone in OpenPGP key export dialog.

V 6.92 Build 1197 - May 30, 2022

[+] Added option 'Send all source files at task start' in Advanced Auto Upload settings.
[+] Added 'Encrypted' column in OpenPGP Keychain Manager to indicate if the secret key is encrypted.
[+] Added 'Passphrase' button in OpenPGP Keychain Manager for changing secret key passphase.
[-] Sync task selected PGP keyID disappears when re-opening task settings.
[-] Unrecognized GnuPG experimental signature subpacket type 33 causing loading of GnuPG generated key to fail.

V 6.90 Build 1178 - May 22, 2020

[+] Added SFTP tab in Site Settings for site specific SSH cipher, host key, MAC, Kex and compression algorithms selection.
[+] Added SSL tab in Site Settings for SSL protocol selection and custom cipher string.
[+] Option 'Preserve sub-folders' for post-upload file move.
[+] Support of PuTTY ECDSA key.
[+] Added support of rsa-sha2-512, rsa-sha2-256 in server and client public key authentication.
[-] 'No matching mac found' fixed by updating hmac algorithms. The following weak algorithms have been removed: hmac-md5, hmac-md5-96, rc4, blowfish.
[-] Error handling OpenSSH extended request resulting in 'invalid packet format' error.
[-] SSH sock connection error message not precise.
[-] SFTP PGP upload results in file corruption in case of text file.
[-] Public SSH key is rejected by server with error "server doesn't accept client public key".

V 6.80 Build 1120 - June 5, 2019

[-] Task Scheduler tasks disappear unexpectedly.
[-] Sync Service PGP keychain not reloaded after modification.
[-] Error loading PGP keys in keychain with stored passphrase.

V 6.80 Build 1116 - Feb 22, 2019

[-] Problem resuming file size larger than 4G.
[-] Problem of data connection with FTP servers forcing SSL session re-use.

V 6.80 Build 1108 - Jan 11, 2019

[+] Site-specific transfer mode option in Site Settings | Files.
[-] SFTP re-key problem.

V 6.80 Build 1106 - Dec 6, 2018

[+] Improved loading time of SSL and SSH keys.
[+] Bypass private IP when proxy/firewall enabled.
[-] PGP key loading problem due to file size check.
[-] No transferred file list shown in notification email if error occurred in the last queued file.
[-] Incorrect reported error code of post-xfer file delete/move.

V 6.80 Build 1093 - Feb 25, 2018

[+] FIPS 140-2 mode option in Business+ versions.
[+] Upgraded OpenSSL module to 1.0.2m.
[-] Error reading encrypted private key created by recent versions of OpenSSH.

V 6.80 Build 1087 - Jan 31, 2018

[+] SSH key generation wizard can now create ECDSA key.
[+] ECDH (nistp256, nistp384, nistp521) support in SSH.
[+] Improved SSH module efficiency and memory usage.
[+] License type added 'Professional' which allows up to 5 tasks.
[-] More details in error message of SSL certificate and SSH key generation.

V 6.80 Build 1081 - Sept 15, 2017

[+] OpenPGP encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification.
[+] Automated OpenPGP encryption/decryption in Sync Task. (available in TurboFTP Corporate edition)
[+] OpenPGP key creation wizard.
[+] Added Armenian language to interface.
[+] Added sync scheme 'Transfer files added or updated since last sync, remove target unique files'.
[-] Auto Upload post-upload action problem.
[-] Auto Upload transfer not triggered if files detected when trying to connect.

V 6.30 Build 1029 - Aug 10, 2017

[+] SSL certificate creation wizard.
[+] SSH key creation wizard.
[+] Added Japanese language option to UI.
[+] Major update of French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese languages.
[-] FTP UTF-8 problem when sending subdirectory name.
[-] FTP auto reconnect doesn't work after transfer timeout occurs, marked by log message 'Application protocol level retry aborted'.

V 6.30 Build 1012 - June 15, 2017

[+] Added UTF-8 support for FTP. (Site Settings -> Connection)
[+] Enabled kex dh-gex-sha256 in SSH module.
[-] Include/exclude filter length issue.
[-] Problem loading SSH2 key with multiple lines of comment.

V 6.30 Build 1006 - June 5, 2017

[+] Support for text mode (ASCII) with SFTP.
[-] Problem sending Email through MS Exchange ESMTP service.
[-] Problem connecting to certain SSH servers due to authentication process handling, e.g. with legacy Tectia SSH Server.
[-] GUI program context menu position problem on menu key.
[-] Public key authentication issue caused by previous code change.

V 6.30 Build 998 - May 6, 2017

[+] Sorting of Task Scheduler's task list.
[-] A problem in SSL shutdown caused upload error with some FTP servers.

V 6.30 Build 996 - April 7, 2017

[-] Memory leaks of SSL client.

V 6.30 Build 993 - March 24, 2017

[-] Improved Sftp download speed.
[-] A memory leak of SFTP client in repeated connections.

V 6.30 Build 985 - April 12, 2016

[-] Problem handling extension SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST in OpenSSH Server 6.8 and onward.

V 6.30 Build 982 - Jan 2, 2016

[+] OpenSSL library upgraded to 1.0.1p.
[-] Fixed HTTP proxy authentication problem.

V 6.30 Build 980 - Nov 16, 2014

[+] Added support for CTR mode AES ciphers.
[-] Filezilla site info importing problem due to XML API loading.

V 6.30 Build 976 - Oct 6, 2014

[+] Added Polish language pack. Thanks to Mateusz Kurlit.
[-] File permissions shown incorrectly when retrieved with FTP MLSD.

V 6.30 Build 972 - May 1, 2014

[-] Program crashes on exit.

V 6.30 Build 970 - April 11, 2014

[-] OpenSSL module upgraded to 1.0.1g which fixed the heartbleed flaw.

V 6.30 Build 968 - Dec 7, 2013

[-] Network access credential option under Task Settings | Advanced tab is interfered by another setting.
[-] Problem downloading file from IBM Sterling SFTP server due to its non-standard behaviour.

V 6.30 Build 965 - Sept 4, 2013

[+] Added tri-state checkbox to enable/disable email notification for individual tasks.
[-] Auto Upload task might cause run time exception due to potential race condition.

V 6.30 Build 962 - Aug 25, 2013

[-] Connection error when sending notification email causes socket handle leak.

V 6.30 Build 960 - July 26, 2013

[-] Problem of duplicate FTP remote listing and incorrect file count.
[-] SFTP upload failure before obtaining file handle causes exception.
[-] Deadlock causes Auto Upload to stall.

V 6.30 Build 950 - July 21, 2013

[+] Added support of NTLM authentication in email sending (via MS Exchange Server).
[-] Memory leak at program exit due to missing SSL cleanup.

V 6.30 Build 948 - July 5, 2013

[+] Added support for PFX format SSL client certificate.
[-] SFTP transfer interruption might cause local file handle not released after action.
[-] SSH host connection problem for some domain names.
[-] Run Now button causes later task settings changes to trigger unexpected task execution.
[-] Task forced to abort triggers exception.

V 6.30 Build 940 - May 19, 2013

[+] Added Scheduler dialog right click menu command to open log containing folder.
[-] Schedule Task dialog Run Now button now won't change the task schedule time.
[-] Post transfer actions not performed if file of identical size found when the program attempts to resume.
[-] Sync task filter string max length raised from 256 to 1024.

V 6.30 Build 932 - Nov 14, 2012

[+] Added Options | Advanced Con't | Enable SSH debug log to help troubleshooting SSH/SFTP issues.
[-] Get around an SFTP download problem causing by unsupported command in product like Connect:Enterprise.
[-] When using MLSD to retrieve remote listing and time zone difference in effect, remote file timestamps not shown correctly , causing sync scheme 'Transfer files added or updated since last sync' not work reliably.

V 6.30 Build 928 - Sept 24, 2012

[+] Installer now signed by our code signing certificate.
[-] Improved local browser pane population speed.
[-] Installer command line option can't install upgrade license key.

V 6.30 Build 923 - July 12, 2012

[+] Added 'Delete files' option in sync task post transfer actions to only delete files and preserve new folders at source.
[+] SFTP now always uses file time in attributes to get more precise time stamps (which makes more sense for file sync).
[-] Fixed problems of sync scheme 'Transfer files updated or added since last sync', one being that added files were transferred regardless of last sync time, which is now observed whether the source file is added (new to destination) or not.
[-] SFTP connection error 'bad remote protocol version identification' caused by some SFTP servers sending something else before the SSH identification string.
[-] When parsing MLSD listing time zone different not taken into account.
[-] With some SFTP servers listing shows no permission attributes.
[-] Removing tasks will cause program to crash on exit.

V 6.30 Build 920 - June 14, 2012

[-] Buffer overrun when retrieving remote listings in MODE-Z.
[-] Buffer overrun when stat'ing uploaded file on IIS FTP server.
[-] SSL FTP client certificate authentication problem when a certificate chain is involved.
[-] More details given when loading of SSL certificate fails.

V 6.30 Build 912 - May 11, 2012

[-] Problem of loading user modified tbx file.
[-] Setting file time (e.g. MFMT) doesn't observe remote site time zone difference setting.

V 6.30 Build 910 - May 3, 2012

[-] Problem handling symbolic links on some FTP servers.
[-] Error handling 'pdir' and 'cdir' entries of listings retrieved by MLSD command.

V 6.30 Build 908 - April 14, 2012

[+] Entering license key is made easier by clipboard detection.
[-] Program can't launch due to wrong version of dbghelp.dll on older systems.
[-] OpenVMS FTP server listing problem.

V 6.30 Build 905 - March 30, 2012

[-] Sync Service might crash at launch with memory corruption in NT service mode.

V 6.30 Build 903 - March 20, 2012

[-] Stack overflow in case of huge number of remote listing.

V 6.30 Build 898 - Feb 7, 2012

[+] Added option 'Case-insensitive' in Options | Auto Rename.
[-] Files not preserving timestamp when using "Transfer with .tmp added to filename" option.

V 6.30 Build 895 - Jan 9, 2012

[-] Empty remote listing when switching from FTP server to SSH server.
[-] No error message provided when file rename in Local Browser Pane fails.

V 6.30 Build 892 - Dec 24, 2011

[+] Added option 'Append timestamp to filename' for sync scheme 'Transfer all source files'.
[-] Problem of showing only portion of remote listing on some SSH servers.
[-] Sync Service command line mode can't handle double quoted TBX file path.
[-] Problem of task Scheduler dialog column width set to zero, causing task list invisible.

V 6.30 Build 892 - Dec 24, 2011

[+] Added options 'Append timestamp to filename' for sync scheme 'Transfer all source files'.
[-] Problem of showing only portion of remote listing on some SSH servers.
[-] Sync Service command line mode can't handle double quoted TBX file path.
[-] Problem of task Scheduler dialog column width set to zero, causing task list invisible.

V 6.30 Build 889 - Nov 25, 2011

[+] Added Site Settings | Connection | Disable MLSD.
[-] Fixed memory leak problem occurred in SFTP connection.

V 6.30 Build 884 - Sept 26, 2011

[-] 1053 error when starting Sync Service on Windows 2008/7.

V 6.30 Build 882 - Aug 15, 2011

[-] A memory corruption in parsing unix MLSD listings.

V 6.30 Build 878 - Aug 4, 2011

[-] Sync Service crashes in the end of command line execution.
[-] SMB share sessions in Sync Service not disconnected properly.
[-] Clipboard URL detection not working.
[-] Language setting not preserved on Windows 7/2008 when not running as admin.

V 6.30 Build 872 - July 19, 2011

[-] In Sync Service problem of queue processing causes false actions when post-transfer deletion option is on.
[-] Allow max log size up to 4 GB.

V 6.30 Build 870 - June 15, 2011

[+] Sync Service will be re-started at installation if found running before the installation commences.
[-] Advanced Auto Upload task can't monitor network share.

V 6.30 Build 865 - June 02, 2011

[-] Remote listing invisible when sometime switching from FTP to SSH server.
[-] GUI program freezes occasionally when it is running schedule task.
[-] Scheduled tasks running in GUI program interfere with each other.

V 6.30 Build 862 - May 28, 2011

[+] Added MLSD support.
[-] Sync Service task execution sometimes stalls at the beginning.
[-] Address Book now correctly remembers the last selected site even after adding or deleting sites.

V 6.30 Build 858 - May 18, 2011

[+] File dropped to local or remote browser pane from Windows Shell will be automatically transferred.
[-] SSH and SSL module loading problem on Windows 2003.

V 6.30 Build 856 - April 20, 2011

[+] Added feature "Compare MD5 hash in case of same file size" for file synchronization. (Server side XMD5 support required)
[-] Sync Service log recycling not working properly.
[-] SSH server connection attempt can't be aborted.
[-] Improper handling of SSH connection failure causing invalid server version string to be shown.

V 6.30 Build 853 - April 12, 2011

[-] Use APPE to resume FTP upload not working.
[-] AIX FTP listing parsing problem.
[-] Connection retry not reset after resuming broken connection.

V 6.30 Build 852 - March 12, 2011

[-] If 'Only connect when transferring files' option is on in Auto Upload task, Sync Service might sometimes fail to detect files.
[-] Send notification email interval in Auto Upload task not working properly.
[-] TurboLogviewer settings can't be saved.
[-] Executing external program failed if command line contains additional parameters. (Now you need to double quote the program path if it contains whitespace.)

V 6.30 Build 850 - Feb 28, 2011

[+] Added Sync Service support of SAM/CIFS share as local folder which is not member of NT/AD domain (e.g. on a NAS device).
[+] Updated manual topic "Managing logon credentials and SMB share credentials for accessing network shares in NT service mode".

V 6.30 Build 845 - Feb 16, 2011

[+] Added [Options | General | Back up old log files].
[-] A problem in SSL data channel might cause program crash.
[-] 64-bit TurboLogviewer doesn't show scrollbars after opening file.
[-] In Windows Vista and above Sync Service is not notified of change of credentials for accessing network share.
[-] When [Schedule Task Settings | Advanced | Wait until program terminates] disabled, external program execution is always reported failed.
[-] Incorrect file access error code.

V 6.30 Build 842 - Feb 9, 2011

[+] Customizable notification email.
[+] Added option of MFMT to set remote file time in [Site Settings | Files].
[-] Address Book causes Sync Task fails to retrieve site information.
[-] When running in GUI program, schedule task filters not working with remote files.
[-] Erroneous 'Failed to retrieve remote file listing' error message.
[-] Connection can't be aborted or disconnected when command AUTH SSL/TLS failed.
[-] An SSH module memory leak that occurred in authentication.
[-] Problem showing Windows FTP server 7.5 listing.
[-] In Sync Service case-sensitive directory comparison result not correct.

V 6.30 Build 832 - Nov 27, 2010

[-] Schedule Task file size range filter not working.
[-] Non-integer SSL certificate serial shown incorrectly.

V 6.30 Build 829 - Oct 25, 2010

[+] SFTP module now can show listing from SSH server which generates incompatible style of listing (like Vandyke VShell).
[+] Advanced Auto Upload added option 'Only connect when transferring files'.
[-] Connection to SSH server occationally ends up with 'bad remote protocol version identification' error.

V 6.30 Build 826 - Sept 21, 2010

[+] In create transfer speed by more than 30% in network with ample bandwidth.
[-] Remote listing problem with WinSSHD.
[-] Single file retry count not reset for each file.
[-] Post transfer delete not working after file transfer is interrupted and then resumed.

V 6.30 Build 819 - August 20, 2010

[-] Schedule task run time reverted after re-opening task scheduler.
[-] Notification email date and time not correct.

V 6.30 Build 816 - August 15, 2010

[+] Filezilla version 3 site information import.
[-] Problem of uploading subdirectory in GUI program.
[-] Speed limits not working.

V 6.30 Build 813 - August 4, 2010

[-] Uploading in encrypted data channel in SSL FTP not working.
[-] MODE-Z upload not working.

V 6.30 Build 812 - July 31, 2010

[+] 64-bit version restored sorting indicator of browser report view.
[+] Synchronization filters now supports regular expressions.

V 6.30 Build 810 - July 25, 2010

[-] Uploading with clear data channel in SSL FTP not working.
[-] Fix a memory leak caused by the logging function.
[-] Unnecessary multiple ssl control connection error messages when problem occurs before login success.
[-] Abort doesn't work sometimes in login stage.
[-] Ctrl+N can't open another TurboFTP instance.

V 6.30 Build 808 - July 17, 2010

[+] Added new layout of main window and layout switching option under View menu.
[+] Updated Italian translation.
[-] Transfer timeout not correctly observed.

V 6.30 Build 806 - June 29, 2010

[+] Language modules now comes with the installer and GUI language can be changed at runtime.
[+] Change of language in one instance of TurboFTP will take effect in another new instance.
[+] Added Arabic translation.
[-] Auto Upload task status remains 'transferring' even after errors.
[-] Abort button sometimes has no effect or has effect after a long delay (in both FTP and SFTP).
[-] A problem handling banner prevents SSH public key authentication from completing.
[-] A buffer overflow problem cause program to crash when showing show long file info tooltip.
[-] Deleting tasks in Task Scheduler causes task status to disappear.
[-] Uninstaller doesn't remove start menu group.

V 6.30 Build 802 - June 11, 2010

[-] Fix problem transferring file larger than 2GB.
[-] Schedule time weekly interval not correctly set.

V 6.30 Build 800 - May 24, 2010

[+] Installer checks existing license and prompts if not eligible for upgrade.
[+] Up A Dir button in browser pane has been placed next to the bookmark button.

V 6.30 Build 798 - May 21, 2010

[+] x64 version of TurboFTP released.
[-] 'Download As' doesn't work for folders.
[-] In SSH error moving multiple remote files to sub-directory causes infinite loop of move command.
[-] Program does nothing when connecting to another server while alreay connected to one.

V 6.10 Build 795 - May 15, 2010

[-] Fix an array overflow problem in the SSH module.
[-] Listing view sorting doesn't preserve original selection and causes program crash.

V 6.10 Build 790 - May 07, 2010

[-] Transfer retry option is not working in SFTP.
[-] IIS FTP server DOS style listing not recognized.

V 6.10 Build 785 - April 12, 2010

[-] Edit command in remote context menu stopped working.
[-] Address Bar port field doesn't accept numeric keypad input.
[-] Cached listing shows corrupted multi-byte characters when deletion, rename etc is done in a remote folder and it is re-visited without refreshing.
[-] Added a 'Cancel All' button to Rename dialog in case there are multiple items selected for rename by mistake.
[-] Connect to FTP servers after disconnecting from an SSH server and the remote listing will show corrupted multi-byte characters.

V 6.10 Build 780 - March 12, 2010

[+] SSH module now observes Anti-idle Interval and Maintain interval by sending keep alive message to SSH server.
[+] tftpsvc.exe and turboftp.exe command line -log option now by default appends log to existing log file. Option -logo is added to overwrite any existing log.
[+] Allow to save local bookmarks for individual server profile.
[+] Email report of transferred file list of Sync Task now includes file size.
[+] Basic Auto Upload has been rewritten and offers features comparable to Advanced Auto Upload Task in Sync Service (like monitor sub- directories, distinguish updated and added files, filters, etc).
[+] Sync Service Advanced Auto Upload task now allows execute an external program against each uploaded file.
[+] Sync Service Auto Upload Task can now send notification email reporting file transferred at specified interval.
[+] Added option to execute program against each uploaded file in Sync Task.
[+] Added [Options | Display | Full row select in browser pane].
[-] Occasionally connection to an FTP/SFTP server stalls and the connection button keeps grayed out.
[-] Local and remote server bookmarks sometimes mixed with irrelevant entries.
[-] When compressing a folder the default archive name doesn't work due to collision with the folder name.
[-] The majority of popup context help hasn't been working in last couple versions.
[-] Recursive directory deletion doesn't always work correctly.

V 6.00 Build 754 - Jan 25, 2009

[+] Allow delete files after wildcard transfer in tbx session with <<<- and ->>> markers.

V 6.00 Build 752 - Dec 18, 2009

[-] Previous update introduced problem of create local folder in Sync Service.
[-] 'Run TurboFTP when Windows starts' not working.
[-] Dependency task has no action when scheduled task runs in GUI.

V 6.00 Build 750 - Nov 23, 2009

[-] Post upload MDTM command will cause program to stall.
[-] Problem handling Daylight Saving Time when preserving local file time on uploaded file using MDTM command.

V 6.00 Build 748 - Nov 3, 2009

[-] The way the credentials for accessing network share is changed. (All passwords in credentials must be re-entered again.)
[-] A channel ID referencing error causes the SFTP module not able to connect to some SFTP servers.
[-] Uploading to a remote folder containing huge amount of files crashes the program.

V 6.00 Build 743 - Oct 28, 2009

[-] In FTP if file tranfer ended with 5xx error the file handle is not released.
[-] In FTP if post-download deletion fails the task will discontinue until manually disabled/enabled.

V 6.00 Build 740 - Oct 9, 2009

[-] [Schedule Task Settings | Include Filters | File changed] doesn't work.
[-] Sync task will not work any more if transfer of the last file in a session failed.

V 6.00 Build 736 - Sept 6 , 2009

[-] Unable to abort SFTP recursive directory scanning.
[-] Remote file time year sometimes incorrect.

V 6.00 Build 736 - Sept 6 , 2009

[-] Unable to abort SFTP recursive directory scanning.
[-] Remote file time year sometimes incorrect.

V 6.00 Build 735 - Aug 4, 2009

[-] Schedule task description alteration (while Sync Service is running) is not saved
[-] Email sending timestamp is wrong for some smtp servers.
[-] Running schedule task status gets reset after 'Single File Retry' count reached.

V 6.00 Build 730 - June 24, 2009

[-] Fixed a memory leak in SSH module.
[-] Can't changed to SFTP keyboard-interactive authentication after connecting to a site with anther authenentication method.

V 6.00 Build 728 - June 7, 2009

[-] Download remote file by dragging to shell not working.
[-] Problem entering SSH remote directory containing multi-byte characters in name.
[-] SFTP upload resumption was not working.
[-] UploadWizard doesn't select upload file name automatically when invoked by Explorer.

V 6.00 Build 726 - May 26, 2009

[+] Added support for SSH keyboard-interactive authentication.
[+] Reduced program installer size.

[-] Schedule Task status update problem in Task Scheduler.

V 6.00 Build 722 - May 20, 2009

[+] Re-enabled the show password option in address book.

[-] Control SSL connection shutdown problem when sending CCC command.
[-] Problem of schedule task notification email handling long message including transferred file list.
[-] Installation on Vista triggered Program Compatibility Assistant prompt.

V 6.00 Build 716 - Jan 31, 2009

[+] Added support of SHA-1 S/Key password type.

[-] Option of "Preserve local file time on upload files" now uses system local time for FTP, UTC time for SSH.

V 6.00 Build 712 - Nov 29, 2008

[+] Added command line option -rm to send email.
[+] Added command line option -ma and -mb to set transfer mode to ASCII and binary respectively.
[+] Added option to send transferred file list in notification email.
[+] Added 'Installer Command Line Options' topic in manual.

V 6.00 Build 709 - Nov 18, 2008

[-] Problems causing some language packs to show incorrect text.
[-] Server reply longer than 256 bytes will not be shown.

V 6.00 Build 704 - Oct 10, 2008

[+] Added support for PUTTY SSH keys.
[+] Added support for VShell SFTP listing style.

[-] Fixed an HTTP proxy problem when connecting to FTPS server.
[-] Fixed an HTTP proxy problem when connecting to SSH server.
[-] Fixed a problem causing irregular Unix style FTP server listing parsed incorrectly.
[-] Email sending problem.

V 6.00 Build 692 - Sept 12, 2008

[+] Compatibility with Windows Server 2008.
[+] Program is now Unicode.
[+] Added SOCKS 4/4a/5 and HTTP proxy support to SFTP.

[-] Removed in GUI program and Sync Service bogus 'Connection timeout' message and the delay caused.
[-] Default text file masks missing.
[-] Sync Service next/last run time stamp not updated when the GUI program is not running.
[-] Sync Service repeat interval in seconds not observed.

V 5.60 Build 642 - Mar 20, 2008

[+] Changes have been made for compatibility with Windows Vista user account control. [Options | General | Program Data Path] is used to store all program data files and is by default set to user's %AppData\TurboFTP% folder.
[+] Password protect: password can now only be set by administrator.

[-] Installer Vista compatibility issue.
[-] GUI program crashes after schedule queue finish if email notification enabled.
[-] Problem of post download file move in SFTP.
[-] Problem of batch chmod, file move in SFTP.

V 5.60 Build 632 - Jan 31, 2008

[-] SFTP connection stalled at path resolving with some SSH servers.
[-] Advanced Auto Upload 'Upon Upload' option change is not preserved.
[-] SFTP Advanced Auto Upload's [Upon Upload | Move] option doesn't work.

V 5.60 Build 629 - Jan 29, 2008

[-] Uploadwizard server profile name field accepts limited number of characters.
[-] Uploadwizard local browsing problem when connected VMS server.

V 5.60 Build 623 - Jan 14 , 2008

[+] Added installer command line option to disable Sync Service installation. (/SS=NO)

[-] Option [Advanced Site Settings | File | Transfer with .tmp added ...] not working in SFTP.
[-] Pane layout info is lost when launched next time.
[-] GUI logging problem if user changes [Options|General|Log filename].

V 5.60 Build 620 - Oct 28 , 2007

[+] Reduce memory usage over time.

[-] Fix a memory problem with SSH module.

V 5.60 Build 602 - Sept 18 , 2007

[+] Replaced old SFTP module with TurboFTP SSHM, this will solve some problems in SSH synchronization with Sync Service.
[+] Added option [Schedule Task Settings | Advanced | Skip first due session at service start.
[+] Added Preserve local file time on uploaded file in both global and site settings.
[+] Added [Tools | Email notification | Log details of Email sending] for debugging email sending problem.
[+] Upload Wizard updated. Improved in terms of simplicity due to adoption of new SFTP interface.

[-] XCRC does not quote filename containing white space.
[-] Problem with some FTP servers which omits front zero digits in XCRC result.
[-] Corrected a problem in handling upload potentially resulting in significant increase of upload speed.
[-] Fixed some dialog data validation problems.
[-] Fixed pane toggling problem.
[-] Upload Wizard uses incorrect remote path after attempting to enter unauthorized folder.
[-] Problem of Auto Upload Task with option of using .tmp suffix with filename in transit.

V 5.30 Build 582 - May 16 , 2007

[+] Added [Help | Export Address Book].
[+] Added menu command "Set site default directory" in Local Browser Pane.

[-] A potential memory leak problem in handling SSL FTP server certificate in Sync Service.

V 5.30 Build 578 - April 16 , 2007

[+] Added support for IBM z/OS FTP server.
[+] Added support for Windows Vista.
[+] Added option [Advanced Site Settings | File | Transfer with .tmp added to filename and rename to real name when transfer completes]

[-] Remove locking on address book file path and log file path option when using turboftp.ini to store program settings.

V 5.30 Build 574 - March 10 , 2007

[-] Remote dir exclude filter not working.
[-] Problem saving event sound settings.

V 5.30 Build 572 - Feb 14 , 2007

[+] Overwrite Rules dialog.
[+] Added option in sync task to move uploaded/downloaded file.
[+] Added include/exclude filter dialogs for sync task.
[+] Changed force end time logic in sync task settings.
[+] Added option in sync task to execute an external program on each downloaded file.
[+] Added option in sync task to wait until program completes if external program is launched.
[+] Option to disable writing task specific message to NT Event Log.
[+] Updated OpenSSL library to 0.9.8d.
[+] Updated UploadWizard and TurboFTP SDK dll.
[+] Added Default button to [Options | Advanced | Text File Masks].

[-] Overwrites last fully transferred file when recovering stalled transfer after timeout.

V 5.00 Build 556 - December 22 , 2006

[+] Language packs in some other languages are available.
[+] Updated TurboFTP to be able to use new language packs.

V 5.00 Build 555 - December 18 , 2006

[+] Timezone offset in [Site Settings | File] allows floating point values to support timezone difference other than an integer. Value set in older version must be updated.
[+] Added option [Task Settings | Advanced | Don't connect between sessions] to reduce logon overhead for task with short interval.
[+] Added installation command line option to allow specifying installation for current user or all users.

[-] Problem deleting uploaded folder in Sync Service.
[-] Transfer timeout not working for large file upload.

V 5.00 Build 550 - October 25, 2006

[+] Password Protect TurboFTP GUI program. (Options | General)
[+] Auto Rename now supports stripping file extension from source file name.
[+] Added option "Rename after transfer is complete" in [Site Settings | Files].
[+] Queue entry now includes server port number to avoid confusion when referring different servers running on the same IP.
[+] Added task settings at the beginning of each task session in task log.
[+] Added SSL support for sending notification email.
[+] Added username in the window title while connected to a server.
[+] Added Description field in [Task Settings | General]. If specified, it will be used in notification email and scheduler log.

[-] Fixed a problem that prevents Sync Service from retrying a failed upload upon error "Can't send data. (10054)"
[-] Credentials for Sync Service Dialog loses username.

V 5.00 Build 540 - August 29, 2006

[+] Sync Service can now resume directory scanning from where it left off at point of interruption.

[-] Incorrect notification email date when running TurboFTP on a non-English version of Windows.
[-] Uploaded files corrupted problem.
[-] Sync Service incorrectly reconnects to another server after the connection is lost.
[-] Address Book entry dropped on empty space problem.

V 5.00 Build 533 - August 2, 2006

[+] Improve automatic download and upload resume in both TurboFTP GUI program, its built-in scheduler and Sync Service module.

[-] Sync Service memory leak problem when accessing network share.
[-] Sync Service download resume problem when the local folder is a network share.
[-] GUI program panes messed up at startup after closed in minimized state.

V 5.00 Build 530 - July 15, 2006

[-] FTP Upload Wizard crashes when user changes dir in disconnected state.
[-] When TurboFTP GUI program's scheduler runs Sync Task, the top item in queue will be skipped disconnected transfer is resumed.
[-] Sync Service can't read sub-folder contents when the local folder is a network share.

V 5.00 Build 526 - June 27, 2006

[+] Uploadwizard now fully support VMS FTP server.

[-] Uploadwizard can't upload when user hits the Upload button without manually connecting first.
[-] Schedule sync task launched by GUI program results in malformed local file path in queue window.

V 5.00 Build 520 - June 15, 2006

[+] Added Uploadwizard which can be accessed from Windows Shell.
[+] Sync Service Advanced Auto Upload can now create remote subdir when it detects a subdir is create in the local dir being watched.
[+] Added option [Site Settings | Connection] to disable FEAT command.
[+] Added TurboLogViewer for viewing log files more efficiently.

[-] When running repeated schedule task in GUI program the next run time and last run time are not updated in Task Scheduler.
[-] Problem of Folder Synchronizer sync'ing local drive root.

V 4.80 Build 472 - May 21, 2006

[+] New Toolbar buttons.

[-] Sync Service session task stops at error after CWD command without path.
[-] Large transfer stalls at 99% problem for some servers.
[-] Implicit SSL connection timeout problem.

V 4.80 Build 469 - May 5, 2006

[+] In Sync Task settings dialog server address can be changed to another server in Address Book.

[-] SFTP sync task problem accessing network share.

V 4.80 Build 465 - April 24 , 2006

[+] Rewrote Folder Synchronizer engine and significantly improve performance when comparing directories containing a large number of files.
[+] Refresh button in Folder Synchronizer now always enabled.
[+] When sync'ing directories with Folder Synchronizer excluded subdirs that are filtered out will not be scanned (to improve performance and avoid entering subdirs that you don't have
access right to).
[+] Added options "Clear listing data transfer" and "Clear file data transfer" options under Site Settings | Security.
[+] Send notification email to different recipients for different schedule task.
[+] Sync Service can now resume interrupted transfer at byte level. i.e. Pick up where it left off at point of interruption.
[+] Sync Service removes empty source directory if user enable "Delete uploaded files" or "Delete downloaded files" options.
[+] Ignore filename case has no effect in Sync Service.

[-] Sync Service scheme "Transfer files added or updated since last sync" doesn't work properly.
[-] GUI program Loads tbx file entries in reversed order.
[-] GUI program doesn't load dropped tbx file when disconnected, although it can be loaded using menu command.
[-] OpenVMS rename/deleted file problem.
[-] Problem running program without parameters before and after task.

V 4.60 Build 452 - March 2, 2006

[+] Notification email of schedule task completion now has a subject indicating which schedule task it relates to.

[-] Fixed a problem causing cached remote directory dropdown list to duplicate.
[-] SSH listing parsing problems with some servers.

V 4.60 Build 443 - Jan 13, 2006

[+] Added installer options to install for all users and current user.
[+] Auto Reconnect and Resume to combat broken connection during transfer for Sync Service module SFTP.
[+] Added Test button in [Tools | Email Notification] to test sending email using current settings.
[+] Added two sync schemes: "Transfer all source files" and "Transfer all source files and remove unique files at destination".

[-] Sync Service upload network share files failed.
[-] Email sending problem with some SMTP servers.

V 4.60 Build 438 - November 20, 2005

[+] TLS FTP now supports AES ciphersuites.
[+] Auto Reconnect for Sync Service module FTP and increase overall stability and availability of Sync Service.

[-] Problem sending notification emails to multiple recipients in Sync Service.
[-] Queued items missing slash if the local folder in sync is a drive root.
[-] Email notification settings update not get reloaded by Sync Service while it's active.
[-] Fixed SFTP stall problem in Sync Service.

V 4.60 Build 432 - October 12, 2005

[+] Added SFTP support in Sync Service module.

[-] Fixed a number of problems in command line use of Sync Service Module.
[-] NT event log description not found problem.
[-] Problems deleting unique files at destination in Sync Service.

V 4.50 Build 423 - August 25, 2005

[-] Advanced Auto Upload malformed remote path problem.

V 4.50 Build 421 - July 26, 2005

[-] Fixed a problem causing memory leak.

V 4.50 Build 420 - July 21, 2005

[+] Auto Upload feature now can run in Sync Service Module as NT service and support new features like monitoring subfolders and filters.
[+] Added Run Now button in Task Scheduler to run selected task immediately.
[+] Added [Command | Verify Server Certificate] to disable all server certificate dialogs prompting for permission to continue.
[+] Added support of Clear Command Channel for TLS-based FTP server.
[+] Added support for MODE-Z (Site Settings | Connection tab).

[-] Improve server SSL certificate checking.
[-] Command line problem matching wildcard with files without extension.

V 4.30 Build 398 - May 22, 2005

[+] Added support for AIX FTP server.
[-] Fixed a problem introduced in 4.30.395 causing crash when overwriting local files being accessed.

V 4.30 Build 395 - April 17, 2005

[-] Fixed a problem of Sync Service causing occasional crash when multiple tasks using SSL/TLS running simultaneously.
[-] Sync Service thread not get terminated when max number of connection attempts reached.
[-] Sync task blocked when server returns different initial dir name after CWD command.
[-] Sync Service's event entry description problem in NT Event Viewer.

V 4.30 Build 392 - April 2, 2005

[-] Transfer speed update issue.

V 4.30 Build 391 - March 20, 2005

[-] SFTP download buffer issue.

V 4.30 Build 390 - March 10, 2005

[+] Increased FTP transfer speed.
[+] Increased SFTP transfer speed.
[+] Download remote files by dragging to shell.
[+] Added support for gzip, tar, tgz archive formats in decompress utility.
[+] Added support for creating gzip, tar, tgz archive in compress utility.
[+] Highlight main menu button in response to Alt or F10.

[-] Sync Service crashes when local path is unreachable network path.

V 4.15 Build 382 - February 5, 2005

[-] Fix Sync Service problem in creating local folder in sync job.

V 4.15 Build 380 - February 2, 2005

[+] Added support in Sync Service (NT service mode) for accessing network shared files and folders.

[-] Problem handling file type associated with user-defined editor.
[-] Sync Service doesn't delete unique files at destination when required.

V 4.10 Build 370 - October 13, 2004

[+] Email notification setup now accepts server address in host:port format.

[-] Sync Service doesn't launch task after encounting a logon error in the last run.
[-] Sync Service default thread reuse problem.
[-] Error #1053 when starting NT service on some systems.

V 4.10 Build 369 - September 6, 2004

[-] Sync Service remote folder filtering (option "Apply filters to folders") problem.

V 4.10 Build 368 - August 30, 2004

[+] Option to move uploaded files to predefined folder in Auto Upload on Change.

[-] Sync Service module: Problems related to [Compare file size] option.

V 4.10 Build 367 - August 13, 2004

[-] GUI program include filter in sync options not working.
[-] [Options | Log file name] browse button and view button not working.
[-] Listing parsing problem with VShell SSH server.

V 4.10 Build 366 - August 3, 2004

[+] Added port number after the site address in title bar when connected to a server.

[-] Sync Service ignores "Include subfolder" option.

V 4.10 Build 365 - July 25, 2004

[-] Initial local folder problem.
[-] At first startup schedule data path wrongly set.
[-] Console program (tftpsvc.exe) now returns 1 if task fails.
[-] Console program stalls when used to transfer file using /cl.

V 4.10 Build 362 - June 30, 2004

[+] Added Sync Service module to run schedule task as NT service.
[+] Configure different dial-up connection for different server.
[+] Support of dependency of tasks.
[+] File integrity checking (Options | Advanced Con't) using CRC on server that supports XCRC command. Re-transfer file if checking fails.
[+] Zip and unzip utility.
[+] Run programs before and after a schedule task.
[+] Individual task can now be disabled.
[+] Import and export individual schedule task in Task Scheduler.
[+] Keyboard interactive authentication method for SSH login. Useful for people who don't want to store password in Address Book or password is dynamic (ex. SecurID, OTP system).

[-] Problem of auto resume after connection is broken.

V 4.00 Build 352 - May 1, 2004

[+] Added sync scheme 'Transfer files added or updated since last sync'.
[+] Prompt for SFTP login password each time connection made if password not given, only store SFTP login password in memory.

[-] Http proxy basic authentication problem.
[-] Large file download stalls at the end.
[-] Ctrl+Del (Clear Queue) works only when Queue Window has focus.
[-] Context menu key not working in browser panes.

V 4.00 Build 351 - April 7, 2004

[-] Upload files in subdir not using filter.
[-] SSL certificate cache flushing problem.

V 4.00 Build 350 - March 22, 2004

[+] New info bar in each browser pane to indicate current local path or site address.
[+] Auto resume without overwrite prompt after transfer interruption.

[-] Malfunction of scheduled synchronization in resume after interruption.
[-] Queue file (.tbx) folder entry with option 'delete after transferred' not applied to its contents.
[-] Program hangs occationally being closed.
[-] Program stalls at 425 error.

V 4.00 Build 349 - March 13, 2004

[-] Problem of changing site properties in Address bar.
[-] Language pack version not match problem.
[-] VShell SSH server listing problem.
[-] Log window bottom text gets cut off when resizing window.

V 4.00 Build 348 - March 5, 2004

[-] Netware listing date problem.

V 4.00 Build 347 - February 23, 2004

[+] Added public key authentication support for SFTP over SSH2.

[-] Multiple instances of TurboFTP cause quick connection sites list synchronization problem.
[-] Problem of removing all local bookmarks.
[-] Problem causing Auto Upload on Change not functioning.

V 4.00 Build 344 - January 27, 2004

[+] Added support for a new unix listing style.

[-] Bug of aborting SSH connection attempt.
[-] Bug of empty remote listing in Folder Synchronizer.
[-] Upload problem with TitanFTP server.

V 4.00 Build 343 - January 22, 2004

[-] Listing problem with ssh server.
[-] SSH Host key fingerprint update problem.

V 4.00 Build 342 - January 18, 2004

[+] Added support for SFTP over SSH2.
[+] Alternative log file path can now be specified in command line.
[+] Added option to hide files to be ignored in [Site Settings | Sync].

[-] Potential runtime error "devide error".
[-] Novell FTP server listing bug.
[-] Unreleased file handle bug.
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