TurboFTP Testimonials

TurboFTP has gained recognition of a lot of users.


"Thanks for excellent FTP program. I've been running Turbo FTP few months now to update automatically my latest satellite pictures to my weather pages and everything works just fine!"

Ari Ervaskivi
July 29, 2005

"Thanks, the best program I've found so far, and I've tried MANY. I work with thousands of files at a time, and other programs keep freezing on me while yours keeps kicking in the sun =) Very cool shades of a program....thank you!"

Michael Hendershot
July 8, 2005

"I tried several other synchronization programs before trying your TurboFTP. The others would always stall out before I finished my downloads. Yours worked perfectly the first time and has done so every time since. Thanks for making my FTPing fun again."

Michael Gribbin
March 26, 2004

"I have just started my first website and of all the products that I have tried for FTP this is by far the best. Thanks."

Gregg Flynn
Jan 13, 2004

"Turbo FTP is a superb, reliable and fast piece of FTP software. There are 100’s of FTP clients out there but Turbo stands out from the rest. This is why I made a purchase rather than using the free ones. Turbo FTP is well worth the money!"


Chris Ridgeon
Owner and webmaster of Planet Lara
Dec 6, 2003


"TurboFtp is very simple and powerful FTP client. I have chosen TurboFtp for the synchronization function and task scheduler, the best one."

Brunelli Paolo
April 24, 2003

"Bought TurboFTP a few weeks ago. My company does a lot of streaming media compression for big record companies here in Nashville, and we regularly upload 2 or 3 gigs per day to their streaming media servers out in San Jose. With WSFTP, stalls caused us to have to babysit every single transfer. But now with TurboFTP, I can queue the files and go home! Stalls and even disconnects don't phase Turbo FTP. I love it!"

Michael Wilson
Mad Dancer Media, Inc.
May 1, 2003

"TurboFTP is by far the best FTP client I have found for my application - web site development and maintenance. The folder synchronization feature of the program is outstanding and the user interface is well-rounded and consistent."

Richard Cook
January 4, 2003

"This is a great product. I have used many FTP programs, and this is my favorite!!
Keep it up!"

Shane Ecker
December 29, 2002

"This is a great FTP program. I tried many others (Cute FTP was too slow, CoffeeCup wouldn't load, and FlashFXP took up way too much RAM), and this is handsdown the most reliable and efficient. "

CNet Download.com User Comment

"I just have to say that I have tried every FTP client available from the download sites around the net, and this is the best by far! I have only used it for an hour, but I can already say that it is the easiest, fastest and neatest looking client I have tried. This may sound like gushing, but I am very happy with this program so far...."

Dave Thompson
PC Anytime Ltd
September 14, 2001

"Good product. I upload/download a lot of files and find it to be the easiest to use (I also have Laplink FTP, WS_FTP, Fetch, etc.)"

John Major
President, Windfall Resources, Inc.
September 11, 2001

"Hope U keep up the great work with your ftp program, it truly rocks !"

Magnus Jönsson
August 29, 2001

"In addition to being a great software program that does the job, Turbo FTP comes with the added guidance of technical support staff, who guide you effortlessly through any challenges you may experience. It's a sound investment to help improve your web presence."

Susan A. Friedmann, CSP
The Tradeshow Coach
Lake Placid, NY
January 14, 2002

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