Release Notes
[+] : Added feature
[-] : Bug fix

V 3.98 Build 2352 - Nov 23, 2023

[+] Updated IP geo-blocking database.
[-] Problem causing crash of service with some SFTP clients.
[-] Externan authentication user population failed with 'invalid credentials' even with correct credentials.

V 3.97 Build 2345 - Nov 19, 2023

[+] Added ECDSA support in SSL certificate wizard.
[-] Fixed email tfa notification.
[-] Fixed Free Mode not working after trial period expires.

V 3.97 Build 2336 - July 28, 2023

[+] Moved all domain and user configurations to database.
[+] Added 'Inherited' column in Admin UI's Dir Access ACE list.
[+] Added support for multiple SMTP profiles.
[+] Use a more secure scheme to store admin login password.
[+] Updated IP geo-blocking database.
[+] Added admin password reset support.
(All admin accounts created in previous versions will be removed. Refer to the topic 'If you forgot the admin password' on how to reset admin password.)
[+] Two-factor authentication support for SSH.
[-] Some issues causing unnecessary domain restart prompt to be triggered.

V 3.76 Build 2077 - Nov 17, 2022

[+] IP filters by countries at domain level.
[-] Service stopped event not written to Event Log.

V 3.74 Build 2060 - Sept 29, 2022

[+] Restructured and updated manual contents.
[+] Added "Add Allow All" button in the IP Access page.
[-] When renaming group get disconnected from server.
[-] In SSL wizard go back and change information but it is not reflected in summary.
[-] Rectified Domain -> Advanced and User -> Advanced tabs by putting FTP specific options in a group box.
[-] User-level IP restriction not working.
[-] Issue of AD user list refresh.
[-] AD authenticate failed with 'User Principal Name to log in' enabled.

V 3.72 Build 2042 - April 30, 2022

[+] Added WOPI support for document collaboration and co-authoring.
[-] In web UI, different http connection causes TOTP verification to fail.
[-] AD authentication crashes in SSH.

V 3.69 Build 2021 - Feb 28, 2022

[-] WebUI not working with network share.
[-] Fixed an HTTPS buffer reading error.
[-] Password generation sometimes create shorter passwords.
[-] Web UI items will update meta info (like date, size) when starred or shared.

V 3.68 Build 2014 - Feb 22, 2022

[+] Enforce domain naming convention.
[+] Added "Certificate and private key in a single file" option and support of .pfx format certificate in Import SSL Certificate dialog.
[+] Added Passwords tab for password policy configuration.
[+] Added password change request in SSH when password expires.
[+] Add User Wizard generates password according to the associated domain's password policy.
[-] Disabled in-memory file search cache db.
[-] TFA option in User -> Details tab not showing correctly.
[-] Fixed missing HSTS header when it is enabled.

V 3.66 Build 1993 - Dec 26, 2021

[+] Improved performance of serving plain HTTP downloads.
[+] Updated FEAT command reply of FTP.
[+] Significantly reduced HTTP/S service memory usage by up to half.
[+] UTF-8 support in FTP service.
[+] Support GZip when sending directory list in HTTP/S.
[+] WebUI completedly redesigned, added Starred, Shared, Recents views.
[+] Ad-hoc file sharing and sending sharing link in email in WebUI.
[+] Thumbnails in certain images and media files in WebUI.
[+] File retention (Trash Bin) support in WebUI.
[+] WebUI zip file view.
[+] Two-factor authentication in WebUI including Email SMS code and TOTP.
[+] SMTP setup (for sending email) in TSRMC's Server -> Email tab.
[+] Added WebDAV digest authentication algorithm options in Server -> HTTP/S tab.
[+] Added HTTP HSTS option in Server -> HTTP/S tab.
[+] WebUI Shared file list management in TSRMC's Dir Access -> Shared Files tab.
[+] WebUI configuration in Domain -> HTTP/S tab.
[+] SSL protocol selection and cipher configuration in TSRMC's Domain -> SSL tab.
[+] Added global error log.
[+] Support of HTTP multi-file upload with multipart request.
[+] Added file size to file access log.
[+] Revised TSRMC Add Domain Wizard to start all selected services at once. Added 'Add to firewall exception list' option if server is absent from exception list.
[+] Improved digest authentication efficiency.
[-] HTTP/S incorrect directory permission lookup.
[-] Installer doesn't stop running daemon before installing new files.
[-] Unable to reload a user's new SSH public key. Now there is a 5 min interval to auto-reload the public key under home folder's sub folder 'ssh_key'.
[-] TSRMC Add Domain wizard crashes when selecting local directory.
[-] Can't delete duplicate local server node in TSRMC.

V 1.53 Build 1196 - Feb 12, 2019

[+] Evaluation period increased to 45 days.
[-] MS Office (various versions) problem saving a document in WebDAV folder.
[-] When TSRMC auto launches Domain Wizard post installation, browsing remote directories fails.

V 1.53 Build 1187 - Dec 21, 2018

[+] Added WebDAV (class 1,2) support.
[+] Improved loading time of SSL and SSH keys.
[+] Improved speed of file listing delivery (FTP/SFTP/HTTP).
[+] Further improved overall performance by optimizing common routines.
[+] HTTP/S put/post upload logged in file transfer log.
[-] WebUI logon problem with some versions of IE browser.
[-] HTTP Last-Modified time stamp not correct.
[-] Error saving imported SSL certificate in unencrypted form.
[-] Problem using network share as domain root.
[-] TSRMC Domain General page SMB share groupbox flickering on resize.
[-] Can't apply passphrase to unencrypted SSH key or SSL private key.

V 1.50 Build 1039 - July 30, 2018

[+] Architectual level change improves overall performance.
[+] Improved user look up efficiency.
[-] Server side ECDSA key creation failure.

V 1.48 Build 1022 - July 18, 2018

[-] Packet caching problem sometimes causes upload to fail in SSH/SFTP service.
[-] Error handling SSH rekeying.
[-] SSH log will be flushed at a certain interval.

V 1.47 Build 1009 - March 1, 2018

[+] SHA-256 is now used instead of MD5 for SSH host key fingerprint.
[+] FIPS 140-2 mode option in Professional+ versions.
[+] Upgraded OpenSSL module to 1.0.2m.
[+] Replaced generated SSH private key encryption DES with AES-192.
[-] FTPS/FTPES upload stall issue with some FTP clients.
[-] SSH key exchange incorrectly limit options for ECDH.
[-] Incorrect date header in HTTP.

V 1.47 Build 993 - Jan 30, 2018

[+] License types updated. Added Professional that incl. SFTP service.
[+] Code optimization of FTP service.
[+] FTP/SFTP sends 'Too many connections' to legitimate connection attempts if domain or license connection limit exceeded.
[-] Occasional FTPS upload stall problem.
[-] More details in error message of SSL certificate and SSH key generation.
[-] TSRMC incorrect input alert 'User is required'.

V 1.46 Build 987 - Jan 21, 2018

[+] Optimizations to significantly improve SSH/SFTP service performance and reduce its memory consumption.
[+] Optimizations to improve HTTP/S service performance.
[+] Import button in Users page to import user list in CSV format.
[+] Domain SSH log contents changed to show actions more concisely and client IP added to each log entry.
[-] ECDSA key doesn't show fingerprint after created on server.
[-] Invalid log writing causes program error when retarting domain.
[-] Error handling some SSH/SFTP clients sending more data with MSG_IGNORE.

V 1.43 Build 963 - Dec 20, 2017

[+] Added ECDSA Key type in SSH Key Generation Wizard.
[+] ECDH kex support.
[+] 'Ban file types' option (domain and user level) can be switched to 'Only allow' file types.
[-] Putty (thus incl. Filezilla etc) sftp read size causes download to fail.
[-] Tectia File Transfer Client connection and upload issues.

V 1.42 Build 950 - March 2, 2017

[+] Added SSH public key authentication option for Active Directory with SSH public key user attribute.
[+] Added domain option to force SSL client certificate authentication for HTTPS and FTPS.

V 1.40 Build 938 - Jan 31, 2017

[+] Domain performance graph re-written and simplified.

V 1.40 Build 936 - Dec 15, 2016

[-] A progressive memory leak problem and its negative impact on performance.
[-] HTTP range handling problem.
[-] HTTP Web UI file move/copy source folder permissions not observed.

V 1.40 Build 927 - Nov 17, 2016

[+] Added SCP support(available in Business+SSH and Corporate licenses).
[+] HTTP/S Web UI revamped and is now responsive and mobile ready.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added Move, Copy functions.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added context menu for Remove, Delete, Rename, Copy.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added upload dialog to allow multiple simultaneous uploads and show progress.
[-] A connection management problem causes memory consumption grows over time unnecessarily.
[-] Incorrect connected user count shows on server status page if servicing HTTP/S.
[-] Download and upload speeds on server status page not updated when there is no connection.
[-] HTTP access log sc-bytes length not correct.

V 1.30 Build 921 - Oct 27, 2016

[+] Added option to use user home directory specified in Active Directory.
[-] Issue handling client SSH re-keying.
[-] Occasional error decrpyting stored passwords.
[-] HTTP/S web UI login button stayed grey even if login failed.
[-] HTTP/S login password not url decoded.
[-] Error handling empty referer in HTTP request.
[-] HTTP/FTP access logs are not being generated.

V 1.30 Build 912 - Sept 25, 2016

[+] Added support to import PKCS #7, PKCS #8, PKCS #12 SSL certificate/key formats (i.e. with extensions of .p12,.pfx,.p7b, etc), as well as DER format certificates/keys in addition to PEM format.
[-] Renaming SSL certificate doesn't rename key files.

V 1.30 Build 908 - Dec 8, 2014

[-] Replace SHA-1 with SAH-256 when generating SSL certificate or CSR.
[-] Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 for FTPS and HTTPS connection (avoid the SSLv3 protocol POODLE vulnerability).

V 1.30 Build 902 - Dec 03, 2014

[+] Added support for CTR mode AES ciphers.
[-] Problem populating user list when authenticate with AD.
[-] Problem loading SSH keys created by itself.
[-] Memory corruption when switching SSH keys.
[-] Resource leak when restarting domains.

V 1.30 Build 892 - April 12, 2014

[-] OpenSSL module upgraded to 1.0.1g which fixed the heartbleed flaw.

V 1.30 Build 890 - Jan 20, 2013

[+] Upgraded OpenSSL library to 1.0.1e.
[+] Revamped HTTP/S webui, added rename, delete and create folder functions.
[-] A coding error that might potentially cause SSL runtime problem.
[-] HTTP/S module buffer problem handling keep-alive requests.
[-] HTTP/S upload fails if folder path contains whitespaces.

V 1.30 Build 880 - Dec 22, 2013

[+] Generate file access log for FTP and SFTP, where all major file access operations can be reviewed in file_log.log.
[-] HTTP/S service internal authentication problem.

V 1.30 Build 868 - Oct 1, 2013

[+] Now use PBKDF2 for password hashes stored for credential verification.
[+] Server up time now indicates number of days.
[-] 'Bad server message received' shows up in TSRMC for connected server which is not the first one in the server group.
[-] Problem retrieving user list in some scenarios in Active Directory authentication.
[-] Button in Add User Wizard to browse for home folder is grayed out if the server is a remote server.

V 1.30 Build 865 - Sept 5, 2013

[+] Show alert on TSRMC service tree if failed to populate users with external authentication service.
[-] Handles of directories opened for listing not closed properly.
[-] Vfolders' physical path not saved to configuration file correctly.
[-] Vfolders shown in invalid names in response to NLST command.

V 1.30 Build 860 - June 28, 2013

[+] Active Directory or LDAP user list now shown in a hierachical structure.
[+] Active Directory authentication now allows to use SAM account name to log in (default).
[-] LDAP authentication causes runtime exception.
[-] TSRMC domain authentication page Restore button doesn't restore the sub-dialog for original authentication method.

V 1.30 Build 850 - May 28, 2013

[-] Problem starting service daemon on system with more than 8 processor cores.
[-] Domain Authentication page configuration fields disappear on Enter.

V 1.30 Build 840 - April 16, 2013

[-] Active Directory authentication allows empty password.
[-] SQL error related to ODBC authen not shown correctly in log.

V 1.30 Build 838 - Dec 24, 2012

[-] Active Directory authentication not working with HTTP/S.

V 1.30 Build 835 - Nov 28, 2012

[-] Fixed a problem in SFTP causing Putty/Filezilla/WinSCP client upload to fail.

V 1.30 Build 832 - Nov 21, 2012

[+] Added support for logon using UPN (User Principal Name) when using Active Directory authentication.
[+] TSRMC Active Directory authentication test dialog added capability to test login with non-DN identifier.

V 1.30 Build 826 - Oct 10, 2012

[+] Installer now signed by our code signing certificate.
[+] Added 'Password Salt Field Name' in ODBC Authentication page to use PBKDF2 drieved key in place of real password.
[-] A buffer overflow problem in handling an ftp command.

V 1.30 Build 823 - June 28, 2012

[-] Fixed download issues with some of the latest versions of web browsers.
[-] HTTP/S web UI shows corrupted upload time at upload complete.
[-] In HTTPS web UI upload if pressing the upload button while upload file path not filled service will crash.

V 1.30 Build 820 - June 4, 2012

[+] Added toolbar buttons for menus Local Service Manager and Add to Windows Firewall exception list.
[+] SSL certificate creation wizard can now generate certificate signing request (CSR).
[+] Added timezone information in server log.
[-] A stack overflow problem when socket write problem occurred.
[-] A potential buffer overflow problem when FTP client request is too long.
[-] Problem of impersonation for using a network share as domain root.
[-] Impersonation not working in SFTP.
[-] TSRMC crashes when Activity page shows excessive parameter string.
[-] FTP request log entry might be mixed with another request and server to client bytes count is not correct.
[-] In Command Log Format timezone information is not correct.
[-] Logged download transferred bytes not correct.

V 1.30 Build 815 - May 3, 2012

[-] Problem of SFTP download stalling at the end.

V 1.30 Build 812 - Mar 22, 2012

[-] 'Bad message' error message from server when importing SSL certificate.
[-] Shorter idle and connection timeouts interrupt lengthy operation like XMD5, XSHA1 in FTP.
[-] Connection timeout and idle timeout might interrupt SFTP and HTTP file transfer and fetching remote listing.
[-] Log rotating with invalid log file path can crash the service.
[-] Speed throttling causes FTP/HTTP file upload corrupted.
[-] HTTP service causes false error in FTP: 'Too many users connected (x). Try again later'.

V 1.30 Build 803 - April 8, 2011

[-] HTTP service disabled IE friendly error message.
[-] Domain service status sometimes missing.
[-] Upload resume not working in FTP and SFTP.
[-] When browsing remote file system in management console, a drive root can't be populated under some builds of Windows.
[-] In HTTP/S if 'Lock user in home directory' selected, browsing will get unexpected 403 error.
[-] In HTTP/S no file read access of a folder incorrectly causes it not able to be viewed.

V 1.30 Build 800 - Feb 6, 2011

[-] SSL certificate created with issuer info missing.
[-] Sometimes a portion at the end of uploaded file is missing in SSL.
[-] Problem disabling subdirectory inheritance of a folder.
[-] Concept of directory permission inheritance not clarified: All directories by default enable inheritance of permission rules by their subdirectories unless the 'Subdirectories inherit permissions' option explicitly disabled.

V 1.30 Build 795 - Jan 30, 2011

[+] TSRMC server status page now shows status of all domain services.
[+] Added SSH key and SSL certificate manager pages, where SSH keys and SSL certificates can be imported, created and modified.
[+] Remote folders (in remote path selection and Dir Access) can now be browsed in remote administration.
[+] Added support of DSA algorithm and comment in SSH Key Creation Wizard.
[+] Support of SSH private key ciphers now covers DES, Triple-DES, Blowfish, CAST5, IDEA, RC2, RC4.
[+] Connection dialog now remembers the last login name and allows to delete stored login credentials by pressing OK with 'Remember password' checkbox cleared.
[-] A false deinitialization in SSH module causes SSL certificate loading to fail when a domain is restarted.
[-] A certain error of generating SSL certificate cause memory leaks.
[-] Failure of loading SSL certificate for remote admin causes memory leaks.
[-] Expiration date in generated SSL certificate not set.
[-] Restarting local or remote admin service incorrectly disables server logging.
[-] Domain -> Connection tab hides options incorrectly when switching between servers of different license types.

V 1.20 Build 780 - November 27, 2010

[+] Improved delivery of huge remote listings.
[+] TSRMC added shortcut menu to open local configuration file (tbssvc.ini).
[-] Problem of handling vendor specific request of some SFTP clients (e.g. FileZilla).
[-] Admin profile can be removed when the admin has logged in.
[-] Problem of renaming Virtual Folder.
[-] SSL certificate serial number problem.

V 1.20 Build 748 - Aug 17, 2010

[-] Fixed issues related to multi-byte character file path/names in SFTP.

V 1.20 Build 745 - June 01, 2010

[+] 64-bit version (x64) released.
[+] TSRMC now detects if it runs with administrator privileges and shows warning if not.
[-] In 32-bit version TSRMC Connection Dialog doesn't remember login credentials when running on 64-bit Windows.
[-] In HTTP requesting zero length file results in connection reset.

V 1.20 Build 739 - April 15, 2010

[+] Program shortcut of TSRMC is now Run As Administrator.
[+] System tray icon is added for event notification.
[+] Added "Add to Windows Firewall exception list" menu under Tools. (In Windows Vista/7 it must be added to the exception list.)
[-] Fix many issues related to multi-byte character file path/names in regular FTP.
[-] HTTP/S can't be access in evaluation version.
[-] 'webui_user' should not show in user list.
[-] Multiple time install/uninstall in Local Service Manager will cause service installation problem.
[-] TSRMC should show/hide HTTP/S option in the Connection tab according to license of the connected server, not the local one.

V 1.20 Build 726 - Feb 12, 2010

[+] Added HTTP/S support. The Web file system can be accessed with most modern browsers.
[+] Management console login now use much more secure approach using random seed and avoid passing password in transit.
[-] Virtual Folder doesn't work with drive root.

V 1.00 Build 720 - Jan 11, 2010

[-] Buffer overflow problems reported by Corelan Team.
[-] A file open problem causing WinSCP failed to upload files.
[-] A problem in log recycling causes server to stall.

V 1.00 Build 712 - Nov 28, 2009

[-] Security issue: in command line illegal cd command containing '\' is not blocked.
[-] License handling issue.

V 1.00 Build 709 - Nov 9, 2009

[-] An error in SFTP causes transfer failed with some SFTP clients.
[-] When domain is restarted SSH host key sometimes can't be loaded.
[-] Problem in disabling/enabling remote admin.

V 1.00 Build 705 - Oct 27, 2009

[-] User can access folders of which they no access rights when using '..' in path in FTP.
[-] Revised speed throttling machanism.
[-] When using NTLM authen, subsequent login attempts can succeed with incorrect password if the first attempt was successful.

V 1.00 Build 702 - Oct 5, 2009

[-] Fixed TSRMC occational crash at startup.

V 1.00 Build 700 - Sept 30, 2009

[+] Wild cards support in NLST/LIST commands.
[-] Domains are started disabled regardless of the state at shutdown.

V 1.00 Build 694 - Sept 6, 2009

[-] Using the super admin credentials set up during installation can't connect to service daemon.

V 1.00 Build 690 - May 31, 2009

[+] White space is now not allowed in user name.

[-] Fix a problem causing failure of FTP active data transfer.
[-] In Domain | Performance tab, changes of graphic line color, style and width are not preserved.
[-] Domain profile data sometimes not sync'ed between tsrmc and daemon, causing problem deleting domains.
[-] An IP Access rule is not validated when it is modified.
[-] Domain | Max tab value ranges in manual different from what are actually implemented.
[-] A problem in validating email address, affected SSL Certificate Wizard and anonymous login with valid email.
[-] Incorrect prompt message when saving changes of admin settings.

V 1.00 Build 682 - Mar 31, 2009

Initial release.
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